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Sugar Shop Body Sugaring

SugarSMAC Level 1 Certification Course

Are you ready to discover the ancient art of body sugaring?

Sugaring is a lucrative business that allows you to work from anywhere with very few start-up costs. Flexible in nature, it is a service that can be done any time of the day. Whether you choose to pursue it full or part-time, you have the ability to create a schedule that is best suited to your lifestyle. Once you are SugarSMAC certified you will have the confidence to start your own business or add the ancient art of body sugaring to your existing business. You will gain a clientele that will trust in your abilities to take complete care of their sugaring needs.

Course Content:

  • Introduction to Sugaring
  • Detailed Anatomy of Hair & Skin
  • Sanitation and Disinfection
  • Room Set Up
  • Client Consultations
  • Pricing
  • Product Information
  • The Importance of Nurturing Sugared Skin
  • How to Start & Maintain a Successful Sugaring Business
  • Practical Experience

Purchase of SugarSMAC Kit required to participate in course.

Level 1 Beginner Class

$550 + GST

SugarSMAC Kit
$250+ GST

Included Products:

  • Classic Sugar Paste (950g)
  • Firm Sugar Paste (950g)
  • Body Cleanser (240ml)
  • Body Tonic (240ml)
  • Body Lotion (240ml)
  • Body Powder (180ml)
  • Gloves (100pcs)
  • Retail Body Lotion (120ml)
  • Retail Body Tonic (120ml)
  • Retail Serum (30ml)

SugarSMAC Level 2 Certification Course

For those who are already trained in sugaring, we invite you to take your education further, to challenge yourself with new information and the highest level of training in sugaring – the Brazilian.

By taking our course, you will learn the art of the Brazilian, along with its speed and precision sugaring. With this certification, you will have the confidence and knowledge to become a master at sugaring the Brazilian, which is the heart of the sugaring movement. It’s an empowering tool for women looking to feel their best with a more natural and less painful method of hair removal.

4 Hour Class Time

A great way to learn advanced sugaring skills, tune-up your technique or transition to using SugarSMAC products!

  • Brazilian
  • Full Face Sugaring
  • Manscaping


2-3 female models – model hair growth must be grown for at least 2 weeks.

**Take 10% off all SugarSMAC products when you register for the Advanced class!**

Level 2 Class

$300 + GST


Level 2 Certificate


Level 1 Certificate

Eye Candy Lash Academy has the right to refuse certification should we feel the student is not fully capable to perform the services. Should this happen, we will invite you back to take a refresher class in one of our group settings.
Eye Candy Lash Academy offers FREE LIFETIME refresher classes within our group settings when space permits.

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We want to teach and share what we know with all of those wanting to learn the art while going above and beyond any other lash education available in Winnipeg to date. 
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