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Lori Kim Wunsch answers some commonly asked questions about eyelash extensions.
Lori Kim Wunsch

Lori Kim Wunsch

Founder, Lash & Brow Educator, Online Business Coach

How to clean your lash extensions step by step

  1. Remove all eye-makeup using a makeup remover. If taking off eyeliner, use a cotton tip dipped in remover and wipe it across your lid, or away from the lid. Never towards the extensions. Don’t use cotton balls as you’ll get into a furry mess, as they will catch on the bases of the extensions.

  2. If you are wearing heavy foundation, remove this too before washing eyes, using your cleanser of choice but AVOIDING the eye area. Some cleansers contain oil, particularly cream cleansers and ‘cleansing oils’.

  3. Wet your eyes with cool water. Take a small amount of our Val Yoom Refreshing Cleanser and we recommend using lash wash brush or simply use the palm of your hand. Apply this to both eyes, one at a time. Don’t rub them like you’re washing your hair; using the lash wash brush, gently clean them in circle motions, or splash it over your closed eyes. If your eyes still feel grubby, repeat.

  4. Rinse it off and dab them gently dry. It doesn’t matter if they are a little damp, stuck together with water, etc. when you brush them they will re-separate.

  5. Use your lash wand to very gently twirl through them and fan them back out.

  6. We recommend doing this daily to remove dirt, oil or makeup.


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