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“The facility went beyond my expectations. It was clean, bright and very appealing to the eyes. I did feel like I was able to learn how to apply lashes confidently and safely. Lori was amazing, kind, patient, easy to understand. Very helpful to help me exceed in lashes. I would only recommend Eye Candy to anyone who is interested in lash extensions. Thank you Lori and Eye Candy for the amazing experience and education. Thanks for welcoming me in and making me feel confident in my work!”

Megan T. | Feb 24-26 Fundamental Classic Lash Class | Winnipeg, MB

“The Academy is an amazing place. Beautiful & clean facility. I had no trouble seeing anything. Very bright; easy to learn in. I feel really confident in applying lash extensions. I was scared to start the class but after practicing on my hand I knew I’d be able to succeed in this. My instructor, Lori was also amazing. Easy to understand, friendly & super helpful with everything. I would definitely recommend the Academy to others. I plan to attend other courses in the future.”

Arlene R. | March 11-13 Fundamental Classic Lash Class | Winnipeg, MB

“The facility was beautiful. So clean, welcoming and so professional. Definitely a space I loved coming to when starting my journey on my lash career. I do feel confident to apply lash extensions safely, still need to work out some nerves with my technique and isolation. Amazing teaching from instructors, hands on and good when teaching! I would recommend anyone interested as well as I plan to come back to learn more applications.”

Maegan N. | March 11-13 Fundamental Classic Lash Class | Winnipeg, MB

“Your Academy exceeded my expectations! Not to say I was thinking it would be any less but my experience here has been a memorable one. I’d recommend your Academy to anyone. It was very clean & the natural lighting was beautiful. It is definitely a lot harder than it looks but I’m very confident that the skills you’ve taught us have been exceptional & thorough. Lori was amazing! She was extremely patient, as well as Tammy & Susie. Having them mentor me was a privilege & honour. They were great at explaining things in depth. As I said above, my experience here has been phenomenal & I would always recommend Eye Candy Lash Academy. ♡”

Kirstie J. | March 11-13 Fundamental Classic Lash Class | Winnipeg, MB

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