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At Eye Candy Lash & Brow Boutique we use only faux mink and premium silk lash extensions to ensure our clients top quality lash material is being applied.

Classic Lashes

One single lash extension to one natural lash (1:1). Enhances your natural lashes allowing them to look longer and appear fuller.

Half Set

50% Coverage. Our mascara look, for those who normally wear mascara and are new to the lash extensions.


Full Set

90%-100% Coverage. Our fully loaded and most popular set resulting in a beautiful, full and deep lash line, that still look like your very own!


Bottom Lash Set


Half Set Half Set
Full Set Full Set

Volume Lashes

Also known as Russian Volume Technique. Ultra fine, light-weight lash extensions masterfully and beautifully fanned and applied to one natural lash, creating a LUSH lash line of feather-light, fluffy, voluminous and soft lashes while maintaining the health of your own lashes.

3-4D Full Set

360-600 lashes/eye



Hybrid Lashes

A mix of classic method application and volume method application – great for those who want more volume than a classic application can give them, yet not ready to have a fully covered volume method lash set.

Full Hybrid Set

90%-100% Coverage



Wet Lash Look

Wet lashes are a lash style utilizing narrow, nearly closed volume lash fans giving the appearance of wet lashes. The larger presence of the lashes makes the lash set look thicker and bolder.

Full Wet Lash Set



Mega Volume Lashes

Also known as Colossal Volume. We are the first to offer this service in Winnipeg! The art of MEGA Volume is a highly skilled technique that is an advanced upgrade from the Russian volume technique. The application of MEGA Volume technique uses the finest diameters that lashes are made in to be able to create a 8-15D Fan creating your ultra soft MEGA Volume set! Fantastic for those getting married or having a photo shoot or for the volume lash obsessed women!

5-8D Full Set



Other Lash Services

$35 | Lash Removal (45mins)

$25 | Classic Lash Removal with New Set applied (45mins)

$40 | Lash Extension Allergy Test (45mins)


Eyelash extensions will last 2-4 weeks, and it is recommended that they get refilled every 2-3 weeks to ensure that at least 50% of lashes are there so that refill price can be charged instead of full set. It will take about 1 ½-3 hours to apply the set depending on the amount the client chooses to get. Extensions are applied with a medical grade adhesive. A patch test of adhesive can be done 48 hours before application. Patch test can be applied to arm or the back of the neck and can be done during consultation. Client should avoid oil based moisturizers, face washes and any oil based face products for it will break down the adhesive faster.

Clients are advised to avoid rubbing eyes or using product (like mascara), doing so will cause the eyelashes to fall out prematurely. Clients should be cleaning their lashes daily, you can purchase an optometrist recommend eye wash at either of our locations. Avoid strong heat such as an over or bbq grill and it can melt and/or distort your lash extensions. Aftercare sheets are given to new clientele.

At Eye Candy Lash & Brow Boutique we use only faux mink and premium silk lash extensions to ensure our clients top quality lash material is being applied.

I typically go for a dramatic volume lash set, Yevheniia suggested I got for a natural shaped lash set as it would best suit my eye shape. Love love love these lashes! I will never be going back to my old lash style! If you are looking to have lash extensions, I would highly suggest Yevheniia!

Jasmine n.

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At Eye Candy Lash & Brow Boutique, our only purpose is to make you shine with confidence and beauty.